Adam Muir 2009 Waitomo Rally

About time!!

We are going for another skid.

After leasing SA1NZ out for the Silver Fern and giving it a bit of a freshin up,we are looking forward to a good day in the gravel.

Well we finished!!

The day started real foggy and stage 1 was not great visbility but we got through it,
this is where i figured it was goin to be a long day for me as i did not feel too great.

While touring to stage 2 the exhaust snapped off at the bottom of the headers,so a quik trip to Pio Pio to find a welder had us on a hoist and my welding skills coming to the party.
I felt alot better after doing that repair,something to focus on without being thrown about maybe.

We rejoined for stage 4 and got into it,our times were down a bit but after not doing anything for awhile it was a case of having some fun and getting to the end.
Besides Adam was getting a bit tired(time to join a gym)

Stage 8 a bit hot into a right hander that tighetend saw us slide into a fence,i saw it coming but new we would only just get it so yelled go go go get ya foot up it,a bit of damage to fix but we didnt stop.

Final stage and i was feeling much better but Adam was a bit knackerd(nana).

Around a left hander and we got a bit close to the drain and in we were sucked,car stalled on its side and stuck fast.
Patrick Malley and Malcolm Reid were stopped just up the road and came to help but we couldn't shift it so hooked up the towrope and finally a car stopped to tow us out.

BIG Thanks to Scott Rutherford & Dale Crossley,
Without them stopping we would not have finished.

Next time out Possum Bourne August 22